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Remote Experienced React.js Developer
UltraGenius is a top talent decentralised network made up of the world’s top developers, connecting the best and brightest freelancers with top organizations. We’re looking to hire self-motivated, dedicated and disciplined individuals for the UltraGenius Community. The Freelancers are responsible for completing tasks that have been assigned to them with specific requisitions mentioned by the company. An astounding aspect of freelancing is its scope in today’s market that paves paths for developers in new ways. At UltraGenius, you will be presented with opportunities to work with numerous leading Fortune 500 brands along with innovative Silicon Valley Startups. Talented developers possessing the potential to revamp their careers can be termed as best fits for us as well as you! With this role, it is important to keep in mind that; you, as a freelancer needn’t job hunt, you needn’t bid for projects in a never-ending rat race. Jobs will come to you while UltraGenius takes care of all overhead processes. You will be empowered while receiving prompt payments each time at the rate you decide. We have profound, tech suave screening processes in place that ensure you receive work from top clients without additional hassle. This will also present you with an opportunity to upskill yourself as you venture into a full-time freelancing career. Along with this, joining the UltraGenius network also gives you access to virtual & local community events. As a freelance developer, you can become a part of an ever-expanding community of, working remotely on projects that meet your career ambitions.
Websites, IT & Software
Systems Architecture
React.js Framework
Full Time
11 months ago
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