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I am requiring a very talented and experienced copywriter. You will be provided with existing CVs of our client base. Your task will be to rewrite the content with the aim of producing a very professional and a somewhat attention-grabbing CV. Key is the professional impression to create through the correct wording/language. A general CV file is between 3 to 4 pages of Text [ie between 2000 to 3000 words] In total we have 35 CV files to give the perfect candidate, --------------------- I would like to see the quality of your writing before hiring you. And this also includes rewriting the sample section below [ie 200 words approx] to see the before and after effect of your writing. Please include your rewritten submission in your proposal bid. SAMPLE TEXT TO BE REWRITTEN: I am an expert on financial crime with extensive experience in financial crime management having spent more than 10 years working with leading financial Institutions across the globe including banks, brokerages, private equity firms, fintech start-ups, as well as insurance companies. I have done extensive work in all areas of financial crime at both a strategic and operational level. including anti-money laundering, anti-fraud advisory, economic and trade sanctions, anti-bribery and corruption and devising new target operating models for financial institutions to respond to regulatory shifts and demands. I work on integrating the fields of research and practice. I hold a PhD focused on money laundering within the banking sector, providing me with a firm evidence-based, theoretical framework within which to craft incisive solutions. I have an established global reputation with my research having been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and published widely across both academic and industry journals. I have an established track record of internal audit experience with the personal impact, strategic capability and influencing skills to play a prominent role in an institution. I hold over a decade of experience as an internal auditor where I combined my internal auditing, risk, financial management and accountancy skills to provide audits across hundreds of partnering companies.
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