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Administrative Assistant | Marketing Executive | Project Manager Hossain Mohammed Nowid, Data Entry & Admin

Hossain Mohammed Nowid
Bangladesh, Chittagong
Joined Feb 25, 2020

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Hello, My name is Nawid. I specialize in Business Administration, Project Management, Customer Support, and Digital Marketing. I have over 9 years of experience working in different industries under different posts. I started as a Customer service executive for a medical research company, gradually taking over the project & team management. I mov...Expand

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Hossain Mohammed
Hossain Mohammed Nowid
Joined Feb 2020
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11 months ago
Currently learning and working to gather experience in the Real Estate industry. • 5 years+ experience in B2B/B2C Online and Offline Marketing, Customer Relationship Management and Service, Sales. • Deploy successful lead-generation tactics and highly reactive strategies and campaigns. • Applying in-depth industry knowledge of both demand and supply to cater all relevant parties. • Lead/Participate in and support team and project management to reach company goals. • Highly adaptive to new projects and campaigns. I believe in high standards of service, focus and commitment and possess the skills to have immediate impact on a business and on a companies projection towards its goals. As a confident and articulate communicator, I am more than capable to enhance a company's performance with the combination of many skills acquired over a span of 6 years. Having worked in many projects in different offices allowed me to gain professionalism, acquire office etiquettes, discipline and all the skills necessary to be a survivor. In my spare time, I am passionate about art, writing, exploring new places to travel and socializing with people from diverse backgrounds and professions. There is something new to learn everyday!

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