Freelancer Nikita Prajapati
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Administrative Assistant Nikita Prajapati, Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal

Nikita Prajapati
India, Mumbai
Joined Apr 10, 2021

About Nikita

The most basic and yet effective skill required to make our presence felt in the cooperate world is communication skill. The better we communicate the more we prosper and can win the client's heart. I am good at organizing things as I like management as a whole. So, I think connecting, managing and all sorts of communicative actions are my strengt...Expand



About freelancer

Nikita Prajapati
Joined Apr 2021
Last seen
4 months ago
A student, who is willing to pursue Management. I desire to see myself at a better level every day, which would ultimately help me gain expertise in the field, I not only believe in hard work but also determination and commitment towards one ambition.

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