Freelancer Kenzie Johnson
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Administrative Assistant/ (Social Media) Marketer Kenzie Johnson, Sales & Marketing

Kenzie Johnson
United States, Pensacola
Joined Jul 3, 2020

About Kenzie

I was the jack of all trades, as well as the master of all trades. I ran a successful insurance brokerage (MA), dealing with both the clients and the owner, as well as maintained and created marketing for the business; both print and online.

About freelancer

Kenzie Johnson
Joined Jul 2020
Last seen
2 years ago
I'm Kenzie! I have a passion for creativity and organization; two things that often don't go hand in hand. I went to Bay Path University, but studied baking and pastry arts at JWU prior to my Communications degree. I am a born & raised, western MA girl now living in Florida as an USAF s/o. In my free time, I run a small Etsy shop with my original paintings that I LOVE to do!

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