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Android Developer Aleksandar Gasevic, Mobile Phones Computing

Aleksandar Gasevic
Joined Feb 25, 2020

About Aleksandar

I'm experienced Android developer fluent in Java and Kotlin. Developed various apps that are using: ▶Authentification ▶REST using Retrofit ▶Dagger ▶Galleries ▶Location ▶Fragments ▶In-App purchases ▶In-App ads ▶TDD with JUnit and Mockito ▶Custom Views Have a keen eye for the UI and UX design and I know Material design in a little finger :). Ca...Expand


About freelancer

Aleksandar Gasevic
Joined Feb 2020
Last seen
2 years ago
My skills lie in my ability to listen, understand the situation and act quickly and smartly. I’m Android and C# developer with lot of knowledge of different programming languages, technologies, frameworks, etc. I understand design principles, patterns, and programming best practices and I give meticulous attention to UX-UI design. Dedicated, communicative, fun, resourceful, always ready for teamwork and learning from experienced people. Have a strong motivation and desire for learning. I have Passion for Fly Fishing and Photography. And I’m proud competitor in National Team of Montenegro in Fly Fishing discipline, also a winner of multiple competitions including 1st place on Balkan Championship, and my free time is dedicated to Fly Fishing and self-directed learning.

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