Freelancer Yasmeen Alabbar
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Architectural Designer - Interior & Graphic Design Yasmeen Alabbar, Design, Media & Architecture

Yasmeen Alabbar
United States, Bloomingdale
Joined Jun 8, 2020

About Yasmeen

My name is Yasmeen Alabbar. I am originally an Architectural Engineer graduate. Throughout university I gained experience in interior, exterior and graphic design. I don't like to limit myself to one field. I’m always looking forward to learning and carrying out new experiences. You will find me to be a very hard working and dedicated employee if ...Expand


About freelancer

Yasmeen Alabbar
Joined Jun 2020
Last seen
1 years ago
I am an Architectural Engineer graduate. However, throughout university I picked up many things including graphic, interior, and exterior design. After graduating, I continued to pursue these extra fields and like to always expand my experiences in such departments.

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