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Art Director / Graphic Designer Emerick Carlson, Design, Media & Architecture

Emerick Carlson
United States, Colorado Springs
Joined Jun 30, 2020

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Acrobat (10+ years) Graphic Design (10+ years) Typography (10+ years) InVision (7 years) Basecamp (5 years) User interface Design (5 years) Adobe Illustrator (10+ years) Adobe Photoshop (10+ years) Adobe Creative Suite (10+ years) Adobe InDesign (10+ years) Art Direction (10+ years) UI Design (4 years) Typesetting (10+ years) Brand Management (10+...Expand


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Emerick Carlson
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Joined Jun 2020
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Following a childhood of Video Games, Legos, Baseball Cards and VHS tapes, my life was destined for a world of design, motion and interaction. I have overseen project teams, involving a high degree of engagement, in both individual company and agency settings. Utilizing a strong understanding of industry trends and creative tools, I have a proven track record of bringing best in class branding experiences to life and delivering innovative design solutions for a variety of web properties. I excel in knowing not only how to work within brand guidelines, but how to make them stretch without breaking them. As lead designer on many high profile projects, I have developed creative concepts that demonstrate originality, innovation, and problem solving and have presented these concepts to brand partners. Additionally, I have proven my ability to lead by managing projects from concept to completion by delegating, providing direction and feedback, and ensuring that best practices and guidelines are met. My understanding of marketing initiatives, strategic positioning, and the ability to engage a target audience make me an ideal candidate for this position.

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