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Gustavo Gonsales
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About Gustavo

Gustavo Gonsales is a Jr. Art Director who has worked in New Business in pharma at FCB Chicago. His job was to come up with creative solutions to brand problems, specifically related to health. With the help of a copywriter, they came up with ideas that were pitched to the department, his creative director, and the SVP CD of the department. As an ...Expand


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Gustavo Gonsales
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Joined Jul 2020
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Gustavo is an art director and content creator who recently graduated from SCAD with a BFA in advertising and branding. Gonsales, excels in team settings where he is able to craft a story and give meaning to the work being produced. His strengths lie in branding and art direction, with illustrator and photoshop being his most used tools. His concentration in creative technology means that Gonsales can communicate with tech people easily and has basic understanding of physical computing and UX design. Get to know him better with an interview.

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