Freelancer Enrico Morales
$ 55

Award-Winning Art Director and Mixed-Media Artist Enrico Morales, Design, Media & Architecture

Enrico Morales
United States, Palm Beach Gardens
Joined Jun 13, 2020

About Enrico

Award-winning Art Director, artist and designer with 16+ years of experience working in graphic design, advertising and all things creative. As a creative problem solver I specialize in strategic UI/UX design for websites, apps and other digital media as well as branding, logos, and packaging design on the print side. Overall I'm a well-rounded, talented yet humble artist and pretty much a fun dude to work with.Expand


About freelancer

Enrico Morales
Joined Jun 2020
Last seen
1 years ago
Enrico Morales is an award-winning art director, artist & creative mind based in South Florida with over 16 years of experience in advertising and graphic design.

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