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Background Remove and Photo Editing Service Al Amin, Design, Media & Architecture

Al Amin
Bangladesh, Trishal
Joined Oct 19, 2020

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Hi, there welcome to my background to remove and photo editing service. I am providing a fully professional picture editing service. I do no use any quick selection methods. Objects will be manually selected on crisp. Amazon, eBay, and any photo background remove. *Why Choose me: I did not use any shortcuts tricks. I prefer only a pen tool. ...Expand


Background Remove and Photo Editing Service

About freelancer

Al Amin
Joined Oct 2020
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1 years ago
Hi, I'm Al Amin. I am a professional graphics designer and Adobe Photoshop expert. I do all sorts of work perfectly according to my client’s needs including resizing, color changing, background changing and photo resizing which is a bit different than the others. Because I use some tools in Photoshop that will make the image interesting while keeping the quality intact. I have done a government course in this job for a long time and my company has taught me the best work and given me the necessary software. I feel comfortable keeping my clients happy by perfecting all the work of graphics design including photo making, business card design, flyer design, double exposure, makeup, website design and photo editing.

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