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Building Superintendent Jonathan Jerez, Local Jobs & Service

Jonathan Jerez
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Collects rent from tenants. ● •Maintains rental journal of delinquent and up-to-date payments. ● •Delivers renewal letters and eviction notices. ● •Maintains parking permits. ● •Inspects vacant units and prepares them for rental. ● •Completes purchase orders. ● •Takes packing and delivery slips to the building manager. ● •Responds to tenant reques...Expand


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Jonathan Jerez
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Hi ma'am Sir good morning! My name is Keneath Agbunag I'm 24 years old coming from San Mateo Rizal, and then I am Graduated at La Finns Scholastica College with the degree of bachelor of science in information technology at the passed 4 years, year 2018.. And my skills are Aside from I know how to used different Microsoft office. I am a great communicator. I can present my ideas well in-person, in writing and through social media and I'm a fast learner . I've worked hard to sharpen those skills and I have the Ability to work under pressure. , My past work before are in Sm Department Store San Mateo Rizal and Ever Gotesco Malls Commonwealth, Quezon City with a same position as a Checker .And being a Checker you need to take care every transaction cards documents who pay the customer to their purchase , responsible to put the customer sold item to case. And to assist them to selling area if they need some help to find what they want. And I left from my previous job Because I want to try other environment, and I want to enhance more my skills and my other capabilities when it comes to work and I believe this is the right company for me. And I myself, have plenty of hobbies. Anything from drawing, watching movies , and much more. However, my favorite hobby is pretty simple and I am sure that everybody does it. It is listening to music that is all Thank you.
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