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Business Anayst Harpreet Singh, Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal

Harpreet singh
India, New Delhi
Joined Oct 6, 2020

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I have more than 7 years experience as Business Analyst with Truneek India Pvt Ltd, Process development with Mercer, Process Associate with Aon. Expertise Advanced Excel and SQL.




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Harpreet singh
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Jayant Dev
India, New Delhi
Data Analyst Jayant Dev, Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal
1 years and 8 months of complete end to end experience in multiple functions of a Financial Institution ranging from Business Analytics with MD and COO, Process Improvement and Fraud Analysis with Audit Head and Operations with Product Head of the company Provided top management with analytics and decision support tools used as the basis for critical business decisions Prevented losses to NTPC Ltd as an intern by forecasting and predicting a possible penetration of renewable sources of energy generation into thermal and hydro sources of energy generation market for the period 2017-18 to 2022-23 Analyzed customer’s payment behavior using Exploratory Data Analysis and Trend Analysis Communicated data-driven findings to the top management and HODs by utilizing Data Visualization techniques in weekly meetings Collaborated with IT department to automate the end-to-end manual processes of recording audit observations by the auditors in field Created excel tracker to optimize manpower requirement in all 241 branches of the company based on portfolio and number of clients Developed excel tracker for performance evaluation of collection agents/ branch managers and field auditors Collaborated with fraud investigators and legal teams for closure of pending investigations and compliance reporting Managed operations of Punjab (86 Crore Portfolio) as State Coordinator by working closely with COO towards process improvement Achieved a 7.5% increase in revenue for the quarter Jul’18 to Sep’18 compared to previous quarter working as a part of a 3-member team Optimized costs by automating manual processes, saving time and money while decreasing inefficiencies Developed a Scenario Analysis to determine the impact of Government of India’s policy to increase Renewable energy generation on Thermal and Hydro energy generation market for the period 2017-18 to 2022-23 Forecasted a possibility of huge overcapacities by conducting a Predictive Analysis with the help of a Regression Model developed by historic data Submitted a report describing all possible scenarios where NTPC may incur huge financial losses if future power projects were executed without review, which was accepted by authorities and later the idea was adopted into NTPC’s future strategy
Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal
Business Analysis
Business Analytics
Data Analysis
40 $
kritika sharma
Hr manager Kritika Sharma, Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal
I have experience of 5 months as an HR, I performed as an HR Assistant. I performed all the roles and responsibilities that HR does. I have done from searching for the right candidate to the right position from the requirement from a particular department and screening the applied, interview them, checking for their assignments, onboarding, salary negotiation. Also, I worked on business development side, where my previous company is consultancy, so there we usually get communicate with our clients. So, I have performed things to improve the business of the company by bringing good clients from the industry. I also have my bachelor's degree in INTERIOR DESIGNING and have 4+ years of hands-on experience in it. I usually communicate with people and have very good management skills. So, to improve my management skills and I am currently pursuing MBA in HR & Operations. my strengths are my listening skills for an hr i guess listening to the problems of our team's members is a must. as an hr, it is my responsibility that the persons who is working with me is having a friendly environment while working . he or she can have any work-related queries with me and it is my responsibility that I listen to them and help them this shows my problem-solving nature towards my teammates. on another hand, my weakness is I am a shy kind of person I need little time to be comfortable with my fellow colleges, and also I first give them chance to show their talent and accordingly I judge them.
Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal
Business Analytics
Human Resources
Training Development
35 $
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