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Business Process and Change Management Professional Snigdha Agrawal, Sales & Marketing

Snigdha Agrawal
Joined Nov 7, 2020

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Proven track record and expertise in - Building partner relations across teams, - Leading customer-support experience, - Steering operational improvements, - Making hands-on processes, - Driving topline increase, and - Drafting over a dozen policies.



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Snigdha Agrawal
Joined Nov 2020
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Overall, my strong work ethic, excellent communication skills, undeniable passion for digital marketing and willingness to learn/adapt in any environment can make me a strong candidate for this opening. Last year I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from the University of South Florida last May and am looking to receive my Master of Management in Integrated Business degree from the University of Central Florida this August. Throughout high school and college, I’ve religiously followed digital media websites, podcasts, books, channels, and trends relating to changes in social media and it’s one I’m passionate to be a part of. Moreover, my thorough experience through jobs/internships not limited to marketing, social media, branding, business development and content creation will greatly benefit my coworkers as well as the success of the company. Specifically, I have and know how to: • Research/execute campaigns to grow social media following and engagement • Coordinate content strategy for Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and streaming platforms • Monitor media platform analytics and generate reports to showcase growth/changes every month • Promote brand events through several guerrilla/digital marketing and social media campaigns I've worked at a popular event promotion company in Florida called Swerve Presents which is know for hosting some of the best concerts across the state with superstar artists. I'm currently a Digital Media Manager for a music, art, and lifestyle blog "Brain Bakery Mag" which is home to over 50,000 followers on IG in which I specialize in strategizing content and growing engagments/followers.
Sales & Marketing
Brand Management
Community Management
Social Media Marketing
Marketing Strategy
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