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Business Systems Analyst [email protected], Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal

Kalirajan sakthi
Joined Oct 9, 2020

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Skills: I have a great analytical skills, Problem solving skills, I show consummate professionalism, committed to work, certified type writer i can type more than 60 words in a minute , Advance level Ms office functions, R&D internet surfing, go getter, I can write official reports crystal clear. I am real leader. I can communicate to anyone with...Expand



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Kalirajan sakthi
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Joined Oct 2020
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11 months ago
I am kalirajan 27 year old, and i do have a wish working in some MNC company which is based in USA, because i like Americans, i adore them always, in-fact i behave like them, always on the rocks, you know what i mean, and also this job looks great, i want to explore more. i think i am suitable for this job.

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