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C# Software Developer Aleksandar Gasevic, Websites It Software

Aleksandar Gasevic
Joined Feb 25, 2020

About Aleksandar

Meet C# Developer with great knowledge of .Net and Core framework. Using design patterns and best practices with clean and well documented code. Developing Desktop and Web Apps that make your business faster and effective. ▶ Win Forms and WPF Apps ▶ Microservices Eco System with MS SQL, CQRS-RabbitMq, Hangfire, Swagger... And all that on Docker....Expand


About freelancer

Aleksandar Gasevic
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Joined Feb 2020
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3 months ago
My skills lie in my ability to listen, understand the situation and act quickly and smartly. I’m Android and C# developer with lot of knowledge of different programming languages, technologies, frameworks, etc. I understand design principles, patterns, and programming best practices and I give meticulous attention to UX-UI design. Dedicated, communicative, fun, resourceful, always ready for teamwork and learning from experienced people. Have a strong motivation and desire for learning. I have Passion for Fly Fishing and Photography. And I’m proud competitor in National Team of Montenegro in Fly Fishing discipline, also a winner of multiple competitions including 1st place on Balkan Championship, and my free time is dedicated to Fly Fishing and self-directed learning.

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