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Kasey Murphy
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Need something written? A blog post, newsletter, website content, social media, email, news article, magazine article? I am your gal! I have experience writing all of these things. I can write in a unique voice, where you feel as though you are talking to someone in person. I am also completely aware of writing in a company set tone, for SEO purpo...Expand


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Kasey Murphy
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Joined May 2020
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1 years ago
Hi there! I am a remote writer looking for a job, or jobs! I have experience working in digital marketing agencies, newspapers, magazines and public relations firms. I love to write, it is my strength! I can write in different formats, voices and tones. I also love to edit. Coming up with the best way to tell a story or information is my favorite part of creating content. I have strong knowledge of SEO, marketing advertisements and social media. I also am super down to earth, a team player and love to talk about whatever you want!

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