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Content Marketer/Creative Writer Conner Erickson, Writing & Content

Conner Erickson
United States, Peabody
Joined Jun 24, 2020

About Conner

I have a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Recently,I discovered a special interest in content marketing and obtained a content marketing certificate from Udemy. Health, wellness, and writing are what I am passionate about. My mission is to communicate messages of health and wealth to the world. Let me help you and your brand do just that.Expand

About freelancer

Conner Erickson
Joined Jun 2020
Last seen
1 years ago
Hi there! Nice to meet you! I am passionate about two things: 1: Writing 2: Health and nutrition My passion shows in my writing. My writing will exceed your expectations. So set your expectations to the moon and let’s do this!

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