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Jeremiah Burke
United States, Gloucester
Joined Jun 23, 2020

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Skills: Thirteen years of Writing Experience Experience with Google Docs Cashier and Retail Experience Customer Service Skills Strives for Punctuality Works well with others High cleanliness habits Communication Skills Proficient in Photography Hard Worker and well Organized Prefers to stay busy Works well in hands-on related job Enthusiastic Personality Is Patient and FocusedExpand

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Jeremiah Burke
Joined Jun 2020
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2 years ago
For most of my working career I have been in one retail job after another. In my spare time however, I have been writing for near fourteen years now. After years of not considering myself ready to attempt to publish my work, I have finally decided to start making my way in the professional writing world. This is the year i consider to be the year of perfect vision, and as such I am looking to find a job as a remote writer so that I can motivate myself to finally publish some of my own written work. I have always thought that writers were the key holders to unlocking the imagination; we are the story tellers who help others to manifest their own fantastic worlds and dreams and share them in this life.

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