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I've been writing for the past four years, and have worked on various projects since. Most notably, I spent over a year writing for DVS Gaming covering news related to Overwatch and its eSports league. While most of my articles are no longer accessible due to the website's re-launch, a couple of pieces are still available. This volunteer position ...Expand


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Johanna Kumpula
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Alaskans sow stories in our blood. I was fortunate enough to grow up hearing tales from the Natives, the myths that explain the strange phenomenons of my home. The Northern Lights are spirits of the dead playing ball with a human skull. Raven stole the sun, stars, and moon to bring light to the world. I was raised on stories, so it's no surprise I want to tell them. I later learned that words have unimaginable power beyond these tales. We can change countries, people's lives, with the words we speak and write. The ability to transcribe is paramount, but it can cause irreparable damage when placed in the wrong hands. I want to help people, to write the truth, and I can do it through the words trapped in my head. I have a ways to go before I reach this goal, but the journey along the way is as thrilling as the destination. Until then, I will write what I can.

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