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Kimberly Vara
United States, Boston
Joined Jul 3, 2020

About Kimberly

I have spent the last seven years working with the Deaf and special needs population and while it has been a truly gratifying experience, I am excited to segue into a career that allows me to be creative and employ my passion for writing and the English language. In my previous role with Curtis Knight Entertainment, I was responsible for creatin...Expand


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Kimberly Vara
Joined Jul 2020
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2 years ago
Hey there! I'm Kim and I am a content, blog writer, and editor. I have fifteen years of experience working with a diversity of businesses, creating and editing content for various genres. I have traveled all over the world and have loved becoming a story teller while documenting my exciting adventures around the globe. I am excited to research new and unmarked territory and become an information center for the people.

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