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- 7+ years of successful experience in Content Writing, Marketing, Graphic Design, Social Media, and Analysis - Excellent communication skills and a proven ability to juggle multiple high-priority tasks - Able to cultivate positive relationships with colleagues; particularly adept at communicating with clarity and diplomacy to individuals from div...Expand

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Lauren Jean
Lauren Jean Popillo
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I caught fire creating. From developing and writing a risk protocol at a large biotech to having the task of re-branding, re-marketing, and fully digitizing an entire academic institution, I have found great success in the incredible opportunities that have come across my path. A few years into my undergraduate degree, I discovered a fascination and love for communications. This led to my advanced degrees and various experiences across the business sphere. While I am still growing and learning, I know that I would be a crucial and diverse asset to your company in more ways than one. I'm always looking to problem-solve. To multitask. To see a project through to completion. I thrive in ever-changing environments and crave a unique finished product. My passion is a driving force that is not only reflected in my own work, but in the work of those around me as I strive to energize, motivate, and inspire in all that I do. Each position I've held, from Finance Intern to Marketing Director, has lit a flame in me that is set ablaze every single day. When it comes to amazing work environments, incredible opportunities, and remarkable mentors, God has blessed me time and time again. I'm grateful to be able to take what I've learned to new companies and organizations as my career progresses. The diverse experiences I've had have taught me how to read and analyze situations, interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds, develop new, groundbreaking ideas, and identify key problems in challenging settings. I easily adopt the passions of the company/Institution/organization/Individual I'm working for to be the most trustworthy, knowledgeable, determined, and impressive employee.

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