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Randal Doane
United States, Oberlin
Joined May 26, 2020

About Randal

I write with clarity and concision to convert your prospects into satisfied clients. I follow every step of my research process to ensure that your messaging is on point, your target market is well-defined, and your prospects' pain points are properly agitated. Once I wrap up the research, I ensure that every sentence serves a purpose, and that ea...Expand

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Randal Doane
Joined May 2020
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8 months ago
I am the owner and lead copywriter at Cadence Editorial Services (@ We fufill our mission -- to deliver words that mean business -- via branding work, web copy, white papers, and case studies. I help clients understand the buyer's journey and how to message along the way. In a previous life, I taught college courses in sociology and, for 11 more, worked as a dean at Oberlin College. My award-winning book on rock’n’roll radio — Stealing All Transmissions: A Secret History of The Clash — made the best-books-of-the-year list at Huffington Post (UK) in 2014. My essays and reviews have appeared in Cleveland’s Alternative Press, Hinterland, Kirkus Reviews, Inside Higher Ed, and Harper’s. I lead a life of bliss with my wife, daughter, and Wheaten Terrier.

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