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Copywriter - Content Writer Kara Knowles, Writing & Content

Kara Knowles
United States, North Charleston
Joined Jul 7, 2020

About Kara

Kara “Shae” Knowles   Ambitious, highly motivated, and hardworking multicultural individual bringing leadership, outstanding interpersonal relationship skills, and excellent oral and written communication. An experienced worker in customer satisfaction, clerical and theatrical environments, willing to go the extra mile to accomplish set goals....Expand

About freelancer

Kara Knowles
Joined Jul 2020
Last seen
2 years ago
Hello! My name is Kara "Shae" Knowles and I am an enthusiastic writer who is passionate about all forms of writing and communication. I have a clear understanding of copywriting, content writing, creative writing, and much more. I am an ambitious, highly motivated, and hardworking multicultural individual who enjoys research and learning. I am motivated to learn, grow and contribute to the content writing industry.

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