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Lakshmi Padmanaban
Joined Jun 5, 2020

About Lakshmi

If you want to get rid of boring content, then I'm your guy! I write engaging content that stops people in their tracks and takes notice. I love adding value to any business by creating content that resonates with the customers. I have 4 years of copywriting experience. I write website copy, blogs, articles, press releases, ebooks, case studies ...Expand

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Lakshmi Padmanaban
Joined May 2020
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2 years ago
Are you tired of the same old content that don't add value? Hi! I am a freelance copywriter and copy editor with expertise in writing copy that attracts and converts. I have 4 years of experience and have worked with several international companies in the fields of lifestyle, publishing, digital marketing, SaaS among many others. I write website copy, articles, blogs, press releases, social media posts and email marketers in different niches. I am well-versed with SEO and have worked on WordPress. I deliver clear, attractive, and engaging website content that increases the ROI of your business. If you are scratching your mind trying to come up with the right content that is a mirror image of your vision, then send me a message. If you already have content that needs perfection or if you need revised content because you are rebranding, I can do that for you in a way your customers will easily relate to. Head over to my website to have a look at my portfolio:

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