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Tyler Vaillancourt
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Hello, I'm Tyler Vaillancourt. I've spent the last five years improving and perfecting my writing skills; four years during my undergraduate study at the University of Vermont, one year during my time as a Production Manager at Arlington Community Media inc. Throughout this time, I not only learned the ins-and-outs of writing, but also the best wa...Expand

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Tyler Vaillancourt
Joined Jul 2020
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2 years ago
Hello, my name is Tyler Vaillancourt. I am a recent graduate of the University of Vermont, where I completed my undergraduate education with a Bachelor's of Arts majoring in Film and minoring in Chemistry. Although this may seem like an odd combination, it is exactly the type of education I had hoped for; not limited to any one idea or pattern of thought. I believe that a workplace, or any social environment, benefits most from this type of thinking; a willingness to look at a situation from as many different angles as possible. Because of this belief, I've always jumped at every opportunity for learning that has presented itself, whether it be studying for a year in Madrid, learning carpentry, volunteering at a local tv station, working maintenance on the Appalachian trail, or working A/V at MIT tech conferences.

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