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Customer Service Rep/Data Entry/Administrative Michelle Greer, Data Entry & Admin

Michelle Greer
United States, Houston
Joined Oct 27, 2020

About Michelle

After spending over twenty-six years in the Community College setting as a Manager, I handled various roles within one department; I was my own assistant – email, scheduling, customer service, phone calls - both inbound and out, creating spreadsheets and performing data entry in Excel, generating Word Documents and much more, as you will see on my...Expand



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Michelle Greer
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Joined Oct 2020
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Team oriented leader with strong collaborative and interpersonal skills with adherence to quality standards seeking a part-time job where I can utilize my administrative and clerical skills developed over the past 26 years. I can work independently; problem solve and make decisions as appropriate to the situation. Multi-task oriented with extensive knowledge working with non-profit agencies and diverse groups. I am very detail oriented, organized and committed to excellence. I have effective communication skills - both written and verbal, with interpersonal skills, leadership abilities, very dependable, honest, and friendly.

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