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Customer Service Representative Rio Jane Dama, Local Jobs & Service

Rio Jane Dama
Philippines, Manila
Joined Jul 4, 2020

About Rio Jane

I have 2+ years experience in a BPO Industry. I worked in two different companies. Desire to work in a team environment achieving personal and team goals. Amenable to work flexible hours, including weekends and evenings as required. Strong customer service orientation.

About freelancer

Rio Jane
Rio Jane Dama
Joined Jul 2020
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2 years ago
I worked in a BPO Industry for 2+years. I had lots of friends and learned so much things at work. I always get promoters especially when I reached the customer's satisfaction. As a customer service as representative in two different companies, I would like to share with you my skills and abilities when it comes to handling customers in a very professional way. I think I can help with current challenges as I continue to expand my skill set.

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