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Data Analyst Vijay Mishra, Websites, IT & Software

Vijay Mishra
India, New Delhi
Joined Sep 1, 2020

About Vijay

Worked extensively in the Development of Python Scripts for Rest APIs and the maintenance, development, and deployment of Business Intelligence and Analytics projects. Worked on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube APIs connectors using python scripts for integration with Tableau Dashboards. Integration and Deployment of (Big Data HDFS...Expand




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Vijay Mishra
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Joined Sep 2020
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9 months ago
aspiring Statistician & self-taught programmer, equipped with applied Statistical modeling, Machine Learning and Deep Learning on top of that having domain knowledge in Finance, Securities/Capital Market, and Compliance Laws with the vision to make disruptive changes in Tech Industries. technologies like ML, Dl, RL, AI, IoT, Blockchain, Big Data, etc. going to disrupt Orthodox Industries & will give birth to new tech-savvy Industries and I want my further contribution to this Change.

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