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Data Analyst Vishal Lote, Websites, IT & Software

Vishal Lote
India, Nagpur
Joined Oct 1, 2020

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• Around 1.5 years of working experience as a Data Analyst, Data Science & Machine Learning/Deep Learning-based applications and services • Machine Learning end to end mode deployment •Passionate about Python, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, Tableau and Sql. •Proficiency with Numpy, Pandas, Seaborn, Scikit Learn, Keras, TensorFlow. • Proficien...Expand

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Vishal Lote
Joined Oct 2020
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Joseph Nkumah
Nigeria, Lagos
Web Developer Joseph Nkumah, Websites, IT & Software
I am a dedicated and enthusiastic personnel with experience in Data Science, Web and Software Development, and Digital Marketing. I currently work as a web developer at Luday where I work with a team of developers to build web and software applications using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Python, PHP and web frameworks React, Django and Laravel. I have worked an IT instructor at El Academy, Abuja where I trained individuals in front end and back end development programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Python. I have undergone remote internships at DataLabs in Nigeria and Hash Analytics in the United Kingdom whereas I used Python to carry out statistical tests, experiment with different Machine Learning algorithms to find best fit models, and visualize data using Tableau. I have completed a professional course by IBM called Data Analysis with Python. This improved my programming skills with Python to pre-process, wrangle data sets and carry out further statistical experiments and predictive modelling. I was also a Software Programming and Machine Learning intern at NanoMatriX International Limited in Hong Kong. Gained knowledge in using AWS services to develop models, train data and carry out deployment. I also possess professional certificates in Web Develoment using web tools such as Wordpress and Shopify, to design websites, and programming languages such HTML, CSS and Javascript. Additionally, I have industry knowledge in Digital Marketing such Google Analytics for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Marketing Automation.
Websites, IT & Software
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