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Design Engineer (UI/UX, Hardware), Product Analyst, Business Strategist Vikram Bhaskara Sastry Chinta, Engineering & Science

Vikram Bhaskara Sastry Chinta
India, Bengaluru
Joined Sep 6, 2020

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Key skills: Design, Product Engineering and Management, Business Strategy and Predicting Market Fields. Experiences: Successfully Implemented Design thinking skills in product management and start-up project. Product Engineering: Gained experience by working on all phases of the Product analysis. Business Strategies: Successfully completed a fe...Expand

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Vikram Bhaskara Sastry
Vikram Bhaskara Sastry Chinta
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Joined Sep 2020
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4 months ago
Wide Experience On Product Design & Design Thinking Strategy. Working on complex challenges of Designing Global Architecture, Strategies for the companies to compete with disruptive technologies. Areas Of Vision • Strategic Design • Hedge Fund Investments • Global Business Strategy • Corporate Strategy • Customer-centric strategy • Product Design & Brand Management • Supply Chain Management • Electrical Vehicles Business Development • Bootstrapping Subsidiaries & Digital Operations. Profile Reference :

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