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Digital Marketing (from 2017 to till now). Still working in international marketplaces as a CPA marketer. Graphics Design (from 2019 to till now). Specially works with Adobe photoshop. I will do any kind of logo design, business card design. Translator (from 2017 to till now). I will translate english to bengali/bengali to english mainly. Also any kind of content & copy writing.Expand


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Mathew Nokrek
Joined Jun 2020
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1 years ago
I'm leading the charge to fill google search results with content that actually matters. As a long time Business minded nerd,my focus throughout high school & college was to dreaming about it. But after college I did stop think about it and strated research. About what people do in the internet and how the markeing process runs. That's why I dove head first into the search marketing industry. Search engine plays an enormous role in internet now a days. So if your business need something extra idea & boost. Here I am for it. Together we can fill google with content actually matters. Also can make differences for your Business also.

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