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Digital Marketing Specialist Md Aadil Parwaiz, Sales & Marketing

Md Aadil Parwaiz
India, Sion Koliwada
Joined Sep 4, 2020

About Md Aadil

I have done Fundamentals of digital marketing at Google Digital Garage, I have learned about social media marketing, email marketing, and what is SEO and SEM and also abiut google keywords.


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Md Aadil
Md Aadil Parwaiz
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Joined Sep 2020
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8 months ago
I have done my bachelor degree this year, with my bachelor degree I have done two months internship in business development and also done fundamentals of digital marketing at Google Garage, I am Aspiring to build a profession in Marketing with an organization where team work is required and hard work is appreciated and to be the position which is the best suited to my knowledge and skills.

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