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Editor/ Teacher David Scheffner , Writing & Content

David Scheffner
United States, Dayton
Joined May 28, 2020

About David

Experienced with reading through multiple drafts offering edits and critiques to developing writers. I have worked with Microsoft Office extensively along with online teaching platforms. I am trained in providing comprehensive and considerate feedback for further development of writing.

About freelancer

David Scheffner
Joined May 2020
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1 years ago
I was born in Cleveland Ohio and moved to Dayton where I first got my Bachelor's degree in English Literature and then my Master's in English Literature from Wright State University. I'm looking for a job where I feel satisfied contributing to a team to create something new. My ideal position would be in publishing on the forefront of new literature in which I would have a say in what is being put on in the world. I believe that literature has the power to change how people understand the world they live in, and want the opportunity to be a part of that industry.

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