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English-Indonesian Translator Nicko Gunawan, Translation & Languages

Nicko Gunawan
Indonesia, Kota Malang
Joined Feb 21, 2022

About Nicko

Graduated from English Department with the concentration on Translation, I am confident to provide translation service from any kinds of reading sources. I have strong understanding on Grammar and structure as well, so I can deliver the switched language correspond to the real style & context. I am used to translate some articles, magazines, abstract, thesis, and also a book.Expand

About freelancer

Nicko Gunawan
Joined Feb 2022
Last seen
9 months ago
I am Nicko and I am from Indonesia. I graduated from English Department, with the concentration on English Translation. I have been diving as a translator for about 4 years of experience. I am used to work on several projects with the tight deadline. I am strong on Grammar as well, translating with good arrangement has been being my priority. I can deliver translation result that corresponding to English or Indonesian style, so it would be well delivered.

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