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Experienced Wordsmith And Award-Winning Journalist Jack Huttig, Writing & Content

Jack Huttig
United States, Portland
Joined May 7, 2020

About Jack

SUMMARY Skilled writer, researcher, editor and fact-checker with experience creating marketing content in the healthcare and insurance verticals, particularly Medicare and Medicaid. Advanced Certification in Google Analytics. Excels at translating complex subject matter into easily understood content for lay audiences. Reliable, flexible and resul...Expand


About freelancer

Jack Huttig
Joined May 2020
Last seen
3 months ago
Jack Huttig is an expert wordsmith plying his trade in Marketing Communications, particularly in the realms of healthcare and tech. Before going to the Dark Side, he was a newspaper and magazine journalist with awards for feature writing, investigative reporting and community service reporting. Although it's been decades since stepping into a newsroom, he still bleeds printers ink and describes himself as a "recovering reporter."

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