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Experienced Writing Professional Seeks New Opportunities Karen Livecchia, Writing & Content

Karen Livecchia
United States, New York
Joined May 26, 2020

About Karen

Offering a complete range of editorial skills, including content creation/development as well as academic support for teens, and adults. I offer writing skills instruction including learning assessments for reading comprehension, including conversational skills instruction as well as resumes, cover letters, and personal statements for job-seekers.Expand

About freelancer

Karen Livecchia
Joined May 2020
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1 months ago
Karen Livecchia is an experienced consultant working within several sectors. She has extensive experience and expertise in editorial services, which includes document modification and academic content creation for individuals and businesses worldwide. She has more than 15 years of experience in providing editing and writing skills development in New York City as well as a unique set of professional experiences in Seoul, South Korea. As a skilled and enthusiastic writing coach with expertise in developing educational content, her skills help her to achieve meaningful success in a variety of roles and business environments. Karen earned a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Humanities with honors from Harvard University, where she was awarded a Dean’s Merit Scholarship as well as a Master of Science in Publishing from New York University. She is also a member of The 2001 National Dean’s List, which is an honor awarded to the top 10% of university students in the U.S. Karen possesses an entrepreneurial drive combined with exceptional organizational skills. She is active as a higher education academic mentor and as a writing skills tutor affiliated with leading non-profit organizations in New York City.

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