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Chiranjeevi Thota
India, Hyderabad
Joined Sep 22, 2020

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12+ years of extensive experience in end to end (E2E) accounting & corporate finance. Leading overall finance functions and providing strategic advices for taking key decisions, budgeting, cash flow, accounting, funds flow, compliances and business plan. Fund raising, Investor meetings, providing strategic recommendations to the board/vp and membe...Expand


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Chiranjeevi Thota
Joined Sep 2020
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FINANCIAL STATEMENTS  Preparation of Financial Statements within prescribed time frame as per Accounting Standards (IND AS) prescribed by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India in consistence with Accounting Policies followed by Company and in due compliance of provisions of Companies Act 2013, - Monthly/ Quarterly and Annual Accounts.  Preparation of Scope of Internal Audit for every year in consultation with Chairman of Audit Committee and Coordinate with Internal and Statutory Auditors for quarterly/ Half Yearly and Yearly Audit Programs  Preparation of detail Notes on Quarterly/ Half Yearly and Yearly Financial Statements submitted to Board explaining the salient features of the Statements and providing information for probable question which may be raised by Board Member.  Reviewing & monitoring day to day accounting operations/transactions.  Provide accounting solutions/interpretations of new/evolving transactions/lines of business in compliance with statutes’.  Dealing with General Ledger (R2R), Accounts Receivable (O2C) & Accounts Payable (P2P).  Financial Statements Preparation & Analysis (P&L, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Statements)  Ensure proper checks and timely payment of accounts payable in line with company policies.  Ensure timely payment collection from clients through timely alerts and prompts to stakeholders.  Managing Fixed Assets Register etc.

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