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Karthikeyan Balasubramanian
India, Chennai
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Dynamic and motivated professional with 4.9 years of Research & Development experience in Digital Quality Assurance Centre Of Excellence team. With a passion for building Innovation things, have developed 8+ revolutionary software and have filed a patent for research work in Customer Experience using Brainwave. Strong engineering professional with...Expand


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Karthikeyan Balasubramanian
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I have 4.9 years of experience as Senior Software Engineer in Digital Testing Research and Development team. Completed my work integrated Master of Technology degree in software System from BITS, Pilani with specialisation in Data Analytics & UX research. Filed patent on "Mapping brain waves with Customer Experience". Build 8+ innovative tools & have won 4+ National level awards for my Innovation. Currently into Data Privacy research like GDPR, CCPA.

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I am co-founder of Insights4all organization that provides programming courses to beginners and I have build complete website of Insights4all using expressjs and mongodb. I'm a Data Science geek, having worked experience with Financial Technology Companies as an Intern. I am exploring and implementing machine learning algorithms like regression,classification and clustering algorithms. I am good at finding the best algorithm for the given data and extracting relevant features from unstructured data. During my Machine Learning Internship I have worked on Artificial Neural Networks,Prediction Models, Data Processing , Data Analysis ,Data Visualizations,Exploratory Data Analysis and deployed Machine learning model using Flask framework which helped companies to add more value to thier business.I have also done Web mining using Python. I have completed course named on Machine Learning and Data Science Hands on with Python from Udemy , Diploma in Python Programming from Alison,Python for Data Science :Intermediate from Worked on Projects like : 1.Financial Distress Classification using MultiLayerPerceptron. 2.Port Prediction using Artificial Neural Network. 3.Data Visualisation on Lenders Dataset. 4.Covid-19 Data Visualisation. 5.Diabetes Prediction. 6.Car Price Prediction. 7.Iris Data Classification using RF,SVM. 7.Text Recognition and Face Recognition using Machine Learning. 8.Sentiment analysis using NLP. 9.Gender Classification using OpenCV. I am a volunteer at Machine Learning India community where we conduct workshops on Machine Learning for Interested Students all over India.
Websites, IT & Software
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