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Ramya Tulasi
India, Chennai
Joined Jan 8, 2021

About Ramya

In a nutshell I describe myself as a youth social activist,youth leader striving to bring in some positive changes in our society and my community by associating myself with national and international youth led organizations and contributing my part in social work. In short, I am also a passionate article writer in the field of social sciences & i...Expand

About freelancer

Ramya Tulasi
Joined Jan 2021
Last seen
8 months ago
Ramya Tulasi has recently completed her Masters in Financial Economics from the University of Madras.In a nut shell is a Youth Social Activist, writer & Freelance Content Creator by passion.She actively advocates about social dimensions of life and sustainable development goals through her writings, research,live sessions,dialogues and discussions. She is working closely with different national and international youth led organisations.She is actively associated with a few organisations as a core team member with The Armchair Journal as a writer and a mentor for The Armchair Companions of the journal. She is an active core team member to Reimagining Society as Research and Development Executive. And also active core team member to The Tale of Humankind organisation as a Content and Competitions Head. In association with different organizations she hosted dialogues,headed teams for Research and Publication of the events and different project reports and proposal reports.She also plays an active role as a participant,organizer, host,moderator, Speaker,jury member,team leader and a team player.

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