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Freelance Copywriter Michelle Troutman, Writing & Content

Michelle Troutman
United States, Waterville
Joined May 8, 2020

About Michelle

If you’re tired of working with writers who won’t partner with you in your copy creation process, it’s time for a new approach. That’s where I come in. I write fresh content done right in less time on deadline for those who serve others: nonprofits, health and wellness, and professional services firms. I specialize in newsletters, but I also write...Expand

About freelancer

Michelle Troutman
Joined May 2020
Last seen
5 months ago
As a natural introvert, writing has been my favorite form of communication. I enjoy using my talent to inform people, improve their lives, and help them communicate better to sell a product, a service, or an idea. Clients tell me I’m organized, capable, dependable, and detail-oriented. They’ve said they look to me for clear, concise, and correct copy done on deadline. I use more than 20 years’ customer service experience to listen to clients to complete copy that satisfies them and solves their content problems, whether they struggle to organize their writing, get it done on time and without errors, or need creative content written in their unique voices. I love to serve businesses and organizations whose goals are to serve others.

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