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• Veteran artist with ten years’ experience in traditional and digital mediums. • Accomplished illustrator with numerous book covers and interior illustrations. • Proficient in collaborating on complex creative projects. Here are a few of my success stories include, but are not limited to: • Designed, updated and created the artwork for Upper Va...Expand

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Karen M Gosselin PO Box 107, Sunapee, NH 03782 [email protected] (603) 763-5802 Graphic Designer • Veteran artist with ten years’ experience in traditional and digital mediums. • Accomplished illustrator with numerous book covers and interior illustrations. • Proficient in collaborating on complex creative projects. Vector art ● Pencils ● Oils ● Inks ● Adobe Photoshop ● Corel ● Copic Markers ● Mentoring ● Interdepartmental Communication ● Customer Relationship Development ● Project Prototyping ● Concepts and Design work ● Logos Work Experience Upper Valley Comic Expo September 2019 - Present 1st year creator-oriented convention hosted in Lebanon NH. (Run and featured by Sci-Fi Saturday Night Podcast) Art Director • Coordinate designs for website, Facebook site, business cards, flyers and staff badges. • Created and designed graphic for logo using vector art in Adobe Photoshop. • Created and designed artwork and graphics for Facebook and website. • Oversaw and approved the designs, graphics and artwork for business cards and flyers. • Coordinated with a diverse group on advertising, branding and outreach. Total Confusion Gaming Convention (TotalCon) June 2020 – Present Massachusetts’ longest running gaming convention. Staff Artist and Graphics Design • Collaborating with the directors and owners of the convention for graphics and artwork to be used on convention’s Facebook page, website, badges, flyers and t-shirts. To be used for their 2021 event • Coordinating advertising between TotalCon and Sci-Fi Saturday Night. FASA Games INC. April-May 2018 and June 2020 – Present FASA is an established United States game company. Staff Artist • Coordinating and creating design of internal artwork for FASA’s “1979 Game Masters Companion” module. • Coordinating and creating design of internal artwork for FASA’s “Big Trouble in Little Soho” and “London or The Haunted City” modules (2018). • Working closely with art director to ensure quality artwork. • Coordinating with art director to ensure artwork compliments overall creative vision for the game modules. Belanger Books June 2020 - Present Independent publishing company specializing in Sherlock Holmes stories. Artist • Creation and design of artwork for their Sherlock Holmes Christmas Project. Specifically, for the story “The Adventure of The Unique Hamlet”. • Coordination with the publisher on deadlines and artwork for the project. Independent Projects: • Jack Holder “Commandments” (Premium version) (2020) • William Alexander “Reichkinder” (2020) • Sci-Fi Saturday Night “My Peculiar Family” (2016) and “My Peculiar Family II” (2018) • Michael Schwarz’s “Short Stories by MW Schwartz” (2016) • Matt Herring “Monkey See – Sea Monkey” (2010) • Linda Chartier “Roby School” (2001) Activities Assistant Coach for Sunapee Rec Basketball (5th and 6th grade girls) Mentoring and teaching illustration to Sunapee middle schoolers. Judging Sunapee High School Senior projects relating to graphic design and illustration. Presentation on Composition and art career path to Newport middle schoolers. Public speaking and presentations on art and illustration at comic and science fiction events. Facebook Art Pages I enjoy an environment that challenges my skills and inspires my creativity. I am currently the Art Director for Sci-Fi Saturday Night and their Upper Valley Comic Expo. The work I've done for them has been rewarding and exciting. I enjoyed coordinating with my artist for the flyer and creating the logo and artwork for the event. I'm also working with the founders and owners of TotalCon (Total Confusion). Producing rough drafts for their designs based on the theme of the year (espionage movies) is a creative challenge I enjoy. Another company I'm working with is FASA Games. The Art Director for FASA has always pushed me and my creativity in ways I never thought possible. This is the company where I've had the most growth in my work.

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Adobe InDesign
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