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Freelance Illustrator and Graphic designer Ashwini Bailur Ashwini Bailur, Design, Media & Architecture

ashwini bailur
India, Bengaluru
Joined Sep 15, 2020

About ashwini

I am having 3 years experience in Graphic design, 3 years in 3d Animation and 2 years as concept/2d artist. When I started freelancing last year, I have developed a lot of interest in creating Illustrations. I love doing hand Illustrations as well as digitally in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I work on commissioned small illustrations. I...Expand



Ashwini Bailur's Illustrations and Graphic design Portfolio

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ashwini bailur
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Joined Sep 2020
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4 months ago
I am a freelance Illustrator and graphic designer from India. Doing hand as well as digital Illustrations and graphic design, have become my passion.I always look forward to work on interesting and creative projects which come towards me. I am here on Wono to seek job based on my portfolio.

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