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Amy Casebier
United States, McAllen
Joined Jul 6, 2020

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I am experienced and adept in writing projects of all kinds, including everything from copywriting and content creation to fiction and ghostwriting. A background in journalism has made me a stickler for deadlines with a passion for spotless copy. I can adapt my writing tone based on the needs of the project, and am not afraid to delve into research to learn more about my topics and assignments.Expand

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Amy Casebier
Joined Jul 2020
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2 years ago
The range of experience on my resume represents who I am professionally: a creative problem solver, a self-starter unafraid to take initiative, and a versatile worker who craves challenges. As a content manager for a bimonthly magazine and an account-based marketing firm, I embraced small business culture, wearing as many hats as necessary to get the job done. With great enthusiasm and a love for learning, I offered excellent customer service to advertisers and other clients, assisted on video and photoshoots, and served as a valued sounding board to my coworkers, among my numerous other duties. I lived a dream as a ghostwriter, working on multiple projects and successfully meeting various deadlines and requirements on deliverables. I flexed my writing muscles while creating everything from multi-book fiction series, developing characters over hundreds of thousands of words, to helping promote brands through SEO-driven web content, copywriting, blogs, articles, and more. My ghostwriting enterprise depended entirely on my ability to chase down leads for work, cultivate and maintain relationships with clients, and independently manage my time and remain motivated as I worked from home for the first time in my life. My years in the newsroom of a daily newspaper honed my work ethic and instilled in me a passion for excellence in every workplace. I enjoyed polishing copy and hunting errors, and I competed with myself to exceed my previous design work on the front page, culminating in multiple honors via Newseum for memorable dissemination of the day’s news — and an honorable mention from the Associated Press for star designer of the year. I take great pride in every pursuit, which means I always work hard.

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