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Donald Francis
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Please see my profile for a detailed discussion of the services I provide and my specific skills and experience. WORK HISTORY Present Freelance writer/researcher/content creator/copyeditor 1997 – 2014 The Humberview Group • Vice President, People & Organizational Development (2007 – 2014) • Special Projects Director, Organizational Integratio...Expand


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I write and create content for a variety of clients in a number of different contexts. In fact, there is very little business, legal, or creative writing I do not do, and do well. When I am on the job, assignments are completed with faultless professionalism. Deadlines are always met, communication is regular and detailed, and my fees are fair for the quality of work I provide. I am professionally cordial in demeanor and easy to work with. If an unsolicited testimonial concerning what you can expect from me is of interest, consider this from a client for whom I recently completed a drafting assignment: "Don is great! Knowledgeable, organized, experienced and committed to his job. My best experience on Upwork.” If I may, let me outline my background, then turn to specific areas of expertise. Practicing law, writing/creating/presenting content, leading teams, hiring, on-boarding, and managing day-to-day employer-employee/union relations defined the lion's share of the work I did when employed full-time. As a freelancer, I have a litigation attorney's training and experience organizing, summarizing, and presenting, both in writing and orally, complex and often contradictory information. I am expertly transform specialized information requiring technical knowledge into plain, east-to-understand English without distortion or over-simplification. An exceedingly quick study, under pressure for high stakes is an environment with which I have years of experience and in which I thrive. I am a published, award-winning, short fiction writer. Everything I write is invariably creative, drawing the reader in and keeping her engaged as the story moves along. (All writing should tell a story, even the most technical). I copyedit/prepare for publication autobiographies, biographies, non-fiction, business, and self-help manuscripts. Having written a novel myself, I am also available to ghostwrite just about anything (although I might not be the best choice to ghostwrite your romance novel). I have mastered MS Office (primarily, Word and PowerPoint, but Excel, as well) and all the Google Workspace apps. If you prefer, I am also more than familiar with the LibreOffice and FreeOffice suites of apps. Drafting, reviewing, and consulting with respect to contracts or legal correspondence you may have received (a claim against you or the dreaded “lawyer’s letter”) are areas where I am particularly well-suited to provide professional services. With respect specifically to contracts, if you require someone who understands all the implications, including the boilerplate clauses, of a contract you or your company is being asked to sign, or to review/redraft an existing contract template, I provide top-level service. If you find yourself in the midst of a dispute concerning the language of a contract to which you are already party, or if you wish to end a contract with minimal liability, I am available to give advice. Please note, however, that should the circumstances call for it, I will encourage you to formally retain counsel in your jurisdiction. My skills and experience permit me to comprehend the law in all English-speaking jurisdictions and to conduct legal research as required. I have an extraordinary eye for detail. Relentless describes my approach to asking questions about the context of a document I am drafting or reviewing. To ensure that my client's interests are fully protected and advanced, my goal is always to ensure that I do not fall into the “I didn’t know what I didn’t know” trap. US immigration law is an area in which I have specific and wide-ranging experience. I routinely draft briefs, letters of support, petitioner's statements, and related correspondence to the USCIS in support of the clients of the law firms for which I freelance. My skills as a general business, marketing, and SEO content writer (articles, blogs, FAQs) are also at the highest possible level. I write effectively in almost any context a company might require. When I practiced law, I crafted all of my firm’s important legal opinion letters because my writing was always easy to understand and persuasive. As mentioned above - it bears repeating - retooling technically specialized or complex material so that it is accessible to a wide audience is one of my notable strengths. I have specific experience writing business plans and related PowerPoint. I am seeking general business and creative writing assignments and writing assignments related to legal matters, including contract drafting/reviewing/negotiating.

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