Freelancer Priyanshu Kushwaha
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Frontend developer Priyanshu Kushwaha, Websites, IT & Software

Priyanshu Kushwaha
India, Noida
Joined Sep 9, 2020

About Priyanshu

Anish-2000-1100 baghel-697 Hello ,this is priyanshu . I have much experience in frontend development. Frontend skills- HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT BOOTSTRAP REACT Js REDUX PROJECT- Reactjs Todolist- Reactjs website- College website-

About freelancer

Priyanshu Kushwaha
Joined Sep 2020
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1 years ago
Hello I am recently graduated Engineer hold 74 % till now. About me ,I have good communication skills. Much experience in web development and frontend development. Work with these technology Advance HTML Advance CSS JAVASCRIPT BOOTSTRAP WORDPRESS REACTJs REDUX WIX GITHUB Projects Foodshala Aitpoint React Js ToDo List React Js website Dataxtech private limited Venue management (college project)

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