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Richard Pitts
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Innovative emerging software developer with a passion for usability engineering and interactive design with related education, practicum, and experience; well-prepared to join a growing team and excel as a Front End Developer. •Proven ability to write clean, testable, high-quality code that works. Proficient with JavaScript, MERN tech stack, buil...Expand


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Richard Pitts
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Joined Oct 2020
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After graduating UT, I shifted career paths from finance towards software engineering, beginning my journey as a mobile app developer. I launched a 5 star rated app on the app store, uFranklin, and then made a robust personal training app, uTrain, with a file system UI unique to iOS til’ this day. I felt apps were dying out though, so I pivoted towards web development by attending the Flatiron School and graduated in late 2019. Following, I completed an apprenticeship at Umbrage in Houston. I trained under the guidance of what I believe were the best software engineers in the south, and truly learned how software is developed in the most professional, commercial sense. We worked with clients mostly for prestigious oil and gas firms who had us engineer operating systems for drilling and production operators.

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