Freelancer Shubhi Saxena
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Frontend Developer Shubhi Saxena, Websites, IT & Software

Shubhi Saxena
India, Lucknow
Joined Sep 9, 2020

About Shubhi

I worked as a Data Visualization Engineer from June to August in Machstatz, Bengaluru. I have, experience working with smartData Enterprises, Mohali, Punjab as an intern. I have experience working with front-end JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React JS. And, I have knowledge of multiple programming languages like Java, Python.Expand

About freelancer

Shubhi Saxena
Joined Sep 2020
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1 years ago
Self-motivated and hardworking graduate seeking an opportunity to work in a challenging environment to prove my coding skills and where I can fully utilize my skills in programming languages to make a significant contribution to the success of the employer, while at the same time pursuing my individual growth.

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