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Lily Colbert-Carreiro
United States, Los Angeles
Joined Jun 12, 2020

About Lily

Experienced designer and photographer with a portfolio demonstrating successful email, web, social, and presentation design and branding. I also am well versed in social media marketing campaigns and web banner layouts. I have worked in teams as well as individually across my internship and freelance projects. I enjoy the creative process and find...Expand


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Lily Colbert-Carreiro
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Joined Jun 2020
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1 years ago
Hi! I am a graphic designer with a specialization in motion and digital marketing, I also am freelance photographer. I am experienced in web and email design as well as bringing social media campaigns to life. With my photography background I am very proficient in photo editing and retouching. I love to iterate and offer unique solutions for any design problem. For the past few years I have worked with brands from outdoors/sporting goods to interior design, CBD, and Breweries. From working in different industries I have learned to pick up different brands and guidelines easily. I would love to connect if you are interested in my skill set!

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