Freelancer Caitlin Lyster
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Graphic Design + Illustrator Caitlin Lyster, Design, Media & Architecture

Caitlin Lyster
United States, Raleigh
Joined Jun 22, 2020

About Caitlin

I have a background in corporate branding and identity working with several different departments within a company, helping to develop materials needed such as; Social media graphics, banners, custom illustrations, HR 'new hire' packets, B2C & B2B marketing, stationery (letterheads, envelopes, business cards, etc.), infographics and so much more. ...Expand


About freelancer

Caitlin Lyster
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Joined Jun 2020
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11 months ago
I'm an artist at heart, I love DIY projects, gardening/landscaping, and of course my career as a Graphic Designer!

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